Damage Prevention: Decreasing Risk


Thousands of projects break ground each day as our country's infrastructure and economy continue to expand and improve.

Before each project begins, contractors and owners need exact specifications of what, precisely, is under the ground they will be digging.


Each year, RETTEW’s experienced Damage Prevention Specialists locate thousands of underground utilities before projects begin. These can include unmarked structures, pipelines, electrical lines, and hidden infrastructure. Working in the midstream energy, municipal utilities, industrial, commercial, and private utilities markets, clients rely on our staff to assess the risk and locate important utilities before project work can begin.

Our team has completed one-time complex locates at centralized facilities, short-term work on pipeline installation projects, and long-term management of One Call ticket clearance programs. In fact, we’ve helped design and standardize One Call systems for private utilities, oil field operators, and transmission pipeline companies.

Our clients appreciate our quick response time, dedicated efforts, and attention to health and safety procedures no matter where or when the work is needed.

Some of our methods include:

  • Electromagnetic (EM) Locating: The most common method used to locate underground utilities, the transmitter sends a signal through a metallic line and the receiver tracks the signal.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): GPR is used to scan for any unknown facilities buried in an area of concern. It is also used to find facilities that cannot be located with conventional EM equipment.
  • Locatable Rodder: This equipment is similar to a conventional sewer camera. The rodder is inserted into a non-metallic facility that can be traced by EM locating. The EM equipment is then connected to the rodder and traced.
  • Soft Dig or Daylighting: Soft dig excavation methods are used to confirm the location of buried utilities. Air or water under pressure safely loosens and displaces earthen materials. Vaccuum extraction is then used to gently remove them.

We all want to keep our communities safe and our projects on schedule and on budget. If you’re looking for a team that can keep your project moving while staying safe and avoiding unnecessary risk, contact us today!