Facility Plans: Less Risk, Less Cost, More Speed

A project with faulty plans can’t move forward.


At your higher education site, it’s a priority to enhance your campus with building and facility improvements. And every time a construction project needs to get underway, you know there are utilities underground that could stall everything and drive up costs.

Updating underground utilities on your maps and plans doesn’t have to be painful. RETTEW’s two-step process is quick, thorough, and provides you comprehensive details to ensure all future projects are safe, on schedule, and on budget, with no surprises from utilities you didn’t know were there. We can also ensure your plans stay updated every time you add underground infrastructure.

RETTEW’s Subsurface Utility Investigating and Survey groups work together to make sure every underground line is identified. We locate, mark, and verify unknown or unmapped subsurface infrastructure with a variety of the latest and most effective technology. Once located, RETTEW surveyors collect the data using both traditional and drone collection. Then you’ll have 100 percent accurate plans for any maintenance, design, or construction activities. And that plan accuracy directly translates to cost savings in your institution’s pocket: accurate plans enable efficient construction designs, decreases the risk of facility damage, and almost removes possible damage repair costs. The most up-to-date plans also significantly reduce safety risks such as gas explosions or electric shock.

If you’d like to discuss how RETTEW can help you have the most accurate drawings and plans, contact us, listen in on Monica and Michael’s presentation at the Spring Meeting of KAPPA, or stop by booth 26!