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“It’s nice to have a firm we can trust working for us. It made the team look like rock stars to [our] leadership.” – Confidential natural gas client.

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In 2012, the U.S. produced more than 80 percent of the energy it consumed. Source: Bloomberg – most recent data available

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RETTEW has completed work for more than 200 energy industry clients across the U.S.

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Exploration and Production

On a cold winter’s night, families can sleep soundly knowing their homes will be warm, with hot water and electricity available instantly. Energy companies around the world are continuously working to keep the public supplied with the energy they need, including oil and gas exploration upstream companies in the U.S.

Exploration and production companies (E&Ps) are without a doubt changing the face of energy independence for the U.S. A clean, abundant, and cost-effective fuel source, natural gas has helped kick-start an industrial renaissance, with manufacturing coming back to the U.S. from abroad and natural gas exports poised to boost the economy even further.

This renaissance hasn’t come without its challenges. Many E&Ps are learning to navigate differing regulations depending on the shale play in which they are conducting upstream operations. Each region presents its own topography and water resource issues, as well as political and environmental nuances. And as the public continues to closely watch oil and gas development, the industry must concentrate on communicating its commitment to operating with environmentally sound practices. These moving pieces require constant maneuvering at lightning speed to keep operations running smoothly. The ramifications of missing a permitting deadline or planning requisite can be extensive. RETTEW’s oil and gas engineers – hosted in the heart of developing shale regions –understand the complexities and sense of urgency within the upstream industry; we are well-known for our and staying ahead of regulations in a variety of shale plays. We outline the risks and benefits of a drill site, find and develop water sources, quickly complete all necessary permitting, and perform all the due diligence and planning steps needed to bring operations online.

Community Investment

RETTEW’s dedication to improve quality goes beyond the projects we work on and the clients we serve.