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“For meaningful and successful campus sustainability programs, clear strategies and goals have to be set and a comprehensive approach needs to be taken that integrates the built environment but also goes beyond it and touches every aspect of learning, working, and living on campus.” – Best Practice in Campus Sustainability, report by the International Sustainable Campus Network

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“I appreciate all of your efforts on behalf of the College. I have had numerous comments from professionals in the field regarding the high quality of our Master Plan.” – Dr. William Griscom, president, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

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College and university campuses throughout the U.S. are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, incorporate environmentally sound infrastructure, and continue to build a college experience students can be proud of.

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Higher Education

Colleges and universities often elicit nostalgia in the minds of those who remember learning and building relationships on their campuses; however, academia continues to be the focus of much debate in the U.S. regarding costs vs. benefits. For hundreds of years our colleges and universities have formulated careers and personal direction for those choosing to pursue degrees. Now these campuses must focus on efficiency while also increasing quality of life for students and their academic communities. Higher education institutions are also working to increase visibility with enhanced entrances and seeking out sustainable features such as native gardens and consolidated parking. Innovative options such as pervious paving and high-efficiency circulation systems are shrinking their carbon footprints, while improved spaces such as amphitheaters are highlighting the quality of life on campus for students.

The best step to reaching a college or university’s strategic goals for the future is to develop a comprehensive campus master plan. RETTEW has worked with a variety of higher education clients for more than 30 years – state-owned universities, community colleges, private, and multi-campus – to devise thoughtful strategies for campus improvements. We provide seasoned guidance as well as project implementation expertise for sustainable infrastructure, transportation networks, and land development plans. RETTEW’s team leads colleges and universities through details such as surveying, stormwater management, engineering designs, and local permitting steps to achieve their visions for growth and improvement.



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RETTEW’s dedication to improve quality goes beyond the projects we work on and the clients we serve.