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“RETTEW has put together an excellent team to handle our [industrial] facility engineering needs including structural engineering, equipment survey, crane and runway inspections, and stormwater studies.” – Confidential industrial facility client

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The share of the population connected to a municipal wastewater treatment plant rose from about 50 percent in the early 1980s to almost 80 percent today. Source: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

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For every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $1.32 is added to the economy, the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

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The quintessential picture of American strength is of a blue-collar worker, nimbly moving raw materials to be turned into end products with nothing but his grit and discipline. And the good news for both blue- and white-collar workers is that the U.S. is experiencing a rebirth of manufacturing and industrial presence, thanks to lower energy costs here, higher costs of living and doing business overseas, and a stronger emphasis on safety here. The industry has continually improved, now with automated facilities, highly skilled workers, and a commitment to environmentally sound practices. New technologies both for production and for facility operation, such as combined heat and power energy systems, are dominating the industry’s renaissance. In some areas, businesses have had trouble finding qualified workers, and there is often concern among local residents about environmental safety near production facilities.

Industrial sites such as manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants, and recycling operations require extensive approvals, regulatory procedures, and ongoing quality audits to meet (and exceed) regulations such as air quality or waste product levels. A top engineering consulting firm, RETTEW is a trusted leader in keeping clients ahead of these requirements, and our deep understanding of municipal approvals as well as expertise at leading public discussions assists industrial clients in achieving their production goals. Our safety consultants assist with updating Standard Operating Procedures, completing trainings, and supervising processes such as lock out/tag out or hazardous materials handling, while structural engineers maintain streamlined operations onsite through maintenance and inspections.

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RETTEW’s dedication to improve quality goes beyond the projects we work on and the clients we serve.