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In the Northeast, midstream companies face challenges with heavily congested locales. In the Midwest, although there are fewer property owners, regulations are still in formation.

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Recent industry-funded studies have concluded an unprecedented midstream infrastructure building boom provides the potential for tens of thousands of jobs and a $511 billion cumulative boost to the U.S. economy during the next two decades. — Pipeline and Gas Journal

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Pipeline infrastructure in the Northeast is projected to be between 50 and 60 percent of the total build out in the U.S. through 2016. — American Petroleum Institute

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Electricity appears in homes at the flip of a switch; heating and cooling are available to keep houses comfortable no matter the season, and a variety of transportation networks from personal vehicles to trains have fuel to keep daily lives humming. All of this is possible because of the tens of thousands of pipelines, small and large, delivering much-needed volumes of fuel to market distributors.

The midstream market connects oil and gas developers, often operating in rural areas, to final distribution systems providing fuel for powering homes and businesses. The complexities of managing midstream build out in the U.S. seem to be increasing. As midstream oil and gas companies focus on getting their product to market, they must juggle feasibility, design variables, regulatory compliance, constructability, schedule, and safety, as well as keep costs in check. Each of those components includes evolving best practices and regulations. The many details of gathering lines, processing plants, compressor stations, and midstream pipelines can involve intense stakeholder coordination between landowners, regulatory personnel, local communities, and project teams.

RETTEW’s intimate understanding of the complexities at each step of pipeline projects from planning to completion ensures clients stay ahead of regulations, remain on schedule, and identify any gaps in planning before delays occur. Our expertise helps you minimize costs whether you’re moving condensate, oil, natural gas, or petrochemicals; as a top engineering consulting firm, we remain focused and are dedicated to controlling budgets and getting our clients’ pipe into the ground safely, quickly, and efficiently.

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