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“Provide networks for pedestrians and bicyclists as good as the network for motorists” – best practice for residential development, per the Smart Growth Network

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“There were many details to settle and very little time to resolve them…I probably called 50 times in a five-day period and my call was returned every time. Your staff bent over backward to make this [residential] deal happen.” – Don Helsel, Prudential Homesale Services

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“We also promote the set aside of ample open space. Natural areas support wildlife, enhance water quality, recharge groundwater supplies, hold stormwater, and provide views and recreational opportunities. Well-designed and well-located public spaces give otherwise monotonous subdivisions a sense of place.” – Best Development Practices, a report by the Smart Growth Network

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Creating dynamic and special spaces for people to live in the 21st century is an unprecedented challenge. Housing trends are more and more embracing open space, sustainability, and recreational components, encouraging family bike rides and nature walks. Many developers are focusing on multi-use projects, featuring a mix of housing types, paired with walkability, for people of all stages of life to enjoy. The market for multi-family units continues to fare well, and single-family home sales also remain strong in many areas. Along with more green space and sustainable facets, developers look for innovative methods to merge environmentally friendly stormwater infrastructure with recreational spaces. Other green planning features continue to gain popularity, such as shared parking and sustainable lighting in communities.

With the competing needs of homeowners, cost impacts, regulatory requirements, and environmental concerns, RETTEW’s extensive background in land development and environmental planning brings an experienced voice to the table for residential projects. Our team of landscape architects, civil engineers, and environmental consultants comes alongside residential developers to focus on cost-effective design, sustainable goals, and incorporating environmental aspects. We’ve worked on some of the most progressive stormwater improvements in the geographies we serve, as well as increased system efficiencies through inflow and infiltration services. Our land use expertise also includes designing nature conservancies, community parks, and recreation areas.





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