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"I find the RETTEW staff very responsive and professional in all my discussions with them regarding this project. I look forward to working with them on many future projects." - Landowner

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“Voice and text messaging are declining while spending on wireless data is surging.” – Telecommunications Industry Association

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90 percent of Americans now own mobile or smart phones - Pew Research Center

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The world looks very different today than 100 years ago – it’s easier than ever to communicate and stay in touch with loved ones with the many technical ways to connect. And that technology continues to change the world at an ever-increasing speed, it seems. Five years ago, telecommunications companies – tower owners and carrier networks – thought they were finished building wireless communications towers. However, with the advent of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices using heavy amounts of data via wireless communication, competition is fierce to produce the best network. Speed and location drive the process to build faster and higher capacity through small cells, monopole towers, raw land cell sites, and rooftop cell antennas. Particularly in rural areas, where it’s prohibitive to run fiber-optic lines and internet cable hundreds of miles, wireless communications towers are rapidly ascending into the skyline.

Putting up a new wireless communications tower can be a complex process, subject to the same federal, state, and local regulations as many other developments. From environmental restrictions and preserved farmlands to protected species and high-quality stormwater planning, a wireless communications tower must follow a precise timeline of approvals and planning before it can be constructed. RETTEW’s surveying, zoning expertise, land development knowledge, and structural design can be key components to keep a site’s planning and completion on track. We also provide integrated wetland delineations, geotechnical testing, stormwater design, and roadway permitting to ensure our telecommunications clients are getting the best design for their investment.

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