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On a recent RETTEW-led bridge replacement project, our team received regulatory approvals more than 100 days ahead of schedule. Our preliminary plans were so complete the state agency incorporated them for the project’s final plans – saving the client time and money.

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“RETTEW was a lifesaver through all of this. The first local bridges in District 8-0 to be let in ECMS, so [it was] a learning experience.” – Diane Crispino, Manager of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 8-0 Local Bridge Program

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RETTEW has been scored as “exceeds expectations” for our coordination with regulatory agencies, project management, and meeting schedules by a state Department of Transportation.

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RETTEW has managed construction on a bridge design completed within seven weeks with no change orders, and engineered a bridge built over a historic railway.

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Transportation Infrastructure

A six-lane highway, an airport runway, a bustling train station, a bridge over a meandering river, a residential street: each an integral part of our regular transportation infrastructure needs. While such connectivity is necessary for safe travel in our everyday lives, maintaining and improving our nation’s infrastructure is a monumental task. As time marches on, our infrastructure is aging as construction costs soar. Transportation infrastructure owners have seen funding sources diminish while user demands increase, making it hard to keep up with the needed maintenance and improvements.

RETTEW is intricately involved with transportation infrastructure and leads owners through the complexities of regulatory requirements and environmental investigations. Our teams have an in-depth understanding of state and federal funding, design, and environmental requirements for roadway, rail, and aviation facilities and can successfully drive a project’s timeline and funding. RETTEW’s transportation engineers are known for delivering projects ahead of schedule and producing efficient designs on transportation infrastructure projects; we understand that in today’s funding atmosphere, schedule delays can diminish entire budgets. We team with our in-house environmental experts to complete due diligence, habitat investigations, and agency coordination to clear the way for project completions. Our engineers not only design transportation projects, we are our clients’ trusted consultant and an extension of their staff, caring as much about their projects as they themselves do. A top engineering consulting firm, we promise to deliver quality, cost-effective solutions ahead of schedule on every project.

Community Investment

RETTEW’s dedication to improve quality goes beyond the projects we work on and the clients we serve.