Today’s commercial development is more integrated than ever before within the surrounding community.  Developers across the U.S. are planning for multi-uses within the same commercial footprint by designing retail, office, or warehouse options together. These trends incorporate a strong pedestrian component, with land-use experts focusing on extensive walkability within and connecting such projects. Each project under development features strategic branding for its particular mix of commercial businesses – landscaping, decor, and signage all tying together to present a unified, memorable impression.

The commercial market has changed substantially in the last 10 years and RETTEW has been at the forefront of helping our clients create special spaces for shopping, dining, and entertainment. RETTEW stays abreast of market trends to ensure heavy walkability ties into best practices for commercial development. Our land development team works closely with commercial clients to make sure project goals are met while providing valuable guidance to complete important details such as zoning approvals, stormwater management plans, and environmental site assessments. Our comprehensive planning services work seamlessly to design transportation infrastructure, complete geotechnical studies, and provide our expertise to make commercial projects the best they can be – for the project owner, the environment, and the community at large.