Subsurface Utility Engineering for MS4 requirements

MS4 Permit Renewal Mapping Requirements

By September 16, 2017, all Pennsylvania municipalities must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit renewal. This NOI must include mapping of storm sewer collection systems, such as subsurface features and facilities, as part of each municipality's Pollution Reduction Plan.


To keep well ahead of the September deadline, mapping should be underway by the first quarter of 2017.

Along with the paper maps required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, local leaders can use the mapping information collected to create digital maps. These maps can then be used to more quickly respond to issues involving underground utilities, reduce time and headaches for business owners and residents undergoing construction activities, and maintain easy-to-use records for the future.

To create a digital map, subsurface utility engineers use GPS data collection techniques, ensuring acute accuracy. These experts work with surveying professionals and GIS mapping technicians to seamlessly pull together the information needed for the NPDES permit, and the information can be repurposed for PA One Call, municipal records, and maintenance needs.

RETTEW’s Subsurface Utility Engineering group includes experts in utility locating and staff who work closely with those trained in GIS mapping. The team uses the latest tools, equipment, and software to complete projects quickly in any weather. Regardless of what state a municipality’s utility mapping might already exist in (or not exist), RETTEW can update or complete the process for all existing subsurface and surface features. You can learn more about our services via the RETTEW Subsurface Utility Engineering link in the sidebar.

Mapping surface and especially subsurface facilities can seem like a daunting task. If you would like to discuss how RETTEW can help in this undertaking or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!