Soil Builds Testpages


It's easy to think about soil as important, especially where we see it regularly - such as farming and construction. But soil also plays a role in many of our daily summertime activities:

  • Gardening
  • Hiking
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Mountain biking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Hunting

These are just a few activities many of us enjoy, and every one of them is impacted by soil. These activities play an important role in building relationships in our communities, and soil is essential to maintaining quality foundations for these pastimes.

Gardening is an obvious correlation – plants can’t grow well without the right soil. But what about fishing and boating? Soil acts as a filter and storage medium for water. The water feeding our favorite fishing streams and lakes travels over or through soil before arriving there. The soil not only helps to purify the water, but it also slows the water’s rate of travel. This is much better for the environment than water without adequate time in the soil, such as sediment-laden water eroding off of a recently-plowed field or streaming from a nearby parking lot. Soil keeps our fish healthy by keeping their environment healthy.

What about soil and hunting? The health of soil is directly linked to the health of plants and the animals living on those plants. Think about the difference in animal populations in a deciduous forest as compared to a desert landscape. While climate plays a major role in that difference, so does the soil type.

Hiking, soccer, football, golf, and mountain biking are all directly affected by the soil on which these activities takes place. The soil below keeps the golf course pristine, the sports fields full of traction, and the mountain biking and hiking trails at top quality.

In fact, the next time you vacation at the beach, think about the importance the sandy beach (yes, sand is soil!) has on your day by the ocean. Or when you’re sipping wine from a local winery, take a moment to ponder the importance of soil in providing the right environment for those grapes to grow. Soil all around us has a direct hand in building fun, relaxing activities for us!