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Water and Wastewater Engineering Expertise

During the 2016 PMAA Conference, several of RETTEW's engineering experts will be available to discuss trends and creative solutions to water and wastewater needs, whether through funding procurement, meeting complex regulations, or effective community buy-in.


As a national engineering firm, we have had the opportunity to work on a number of unique and notable projects across the country. While these projects presented many challenges to our clients, RETTEW’s assistance resulted in more vibrant and sustainable communities.

How do we accomplish that?


RETTEW functions as more than just a design engineer; we partner with clients to help them understand complex regulatory and economic constraints. This understanding and guidance is as important to their critical facilities as the design itself. Not only does our partnership with clients provide more comprehensive and long-lasting results, but our local, state, and federal regulatory relationships help move projects along.

Resource Recovery

While RETTEW provides hundreds of services for industrial, municipal, and energy clients, our strengths lie in our non-traditional expertise. Our team is comprised of environmental engineers, former laboratory directors, regulatory attorneys, mechanical and electrical control specialists, and energy trading development experts. We’re known for finding engineering and business solutions that meet water quality goals, reduce operating costs, and increase sustainability. RETTEW’s core competencies beyond traditional treatment include:

  • Advanced water treatment: extensive experience in reverse osmosis application and design; advanced oxidation process for membrane biofouling control; and ultra-low treatment for trace contaminants such as boron, total petroleum hydrocarbons and radium
  • Water reuse: design of the largest hydrocarbon removal facility for irrigation in the U.S.; development of process and bench-scale testing for treatment of radium and uranium wastewaters for reuse in crop irrigation; and wastewater treatment for direct nonpotable reuse and indirect potable supplementation of drinking water supplies
  • Biosolids solutions and energy management: design and funding solicitation for reclamation of biogas to compressed renewable biomethane for CNG application (biogas to vehicle fuel); advisor to the Army National Guard on energy issues and increasing sustainability and resiliency; and experience in a wide range of integrated energy and biosolids facilities, including composting and combined heat and power applications

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what RETTEW can do for you, please feel free to stop by and see us at PMAA 2016 in booth 46, or attend any of our presentations.