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What facility managers in higher education need to succeed

The world of higher education seems to constantly evolve, creating complex challenges for facility managers at campuses across the country. Institutions must balance increasing costs with student needs and their academic missions.


RETTEW’s focus on higher education blends a 40-year history in the industry with using new technologies to collect information, provide right-fit designs, and keep staff and students as safe as possible.

College campuses are a hybrid of the past and the future — historic buildings that need robust utility and structure management and a site that requires well-designed infrastructure for both campus life and the surrounding community.

As you work toward implementing comprehensive planning goals and campus growth needs, how do you make sure you have the right tools to move forward?

RETTEW’s integrated services can help lead the way. Our land development site design is known for identifying the most important project aspects and addressing them in efficient and effective plans. Our subsurface utility engineering team uses cutting edge technology to identify private utilities you and your staff might not know were below-ground. Our 3D survey capabilities in scanning, drone and terrestrial photogrammetry can be paired with graphic tools to organize the data in a smart cities concept. This offers you a complete picture with many layers of data from underground piping to above-ground buildings and roads. We can then provide easy, interactive visuals of the data for you to view as you walk around campus or in the office, saving you mountains of file management. Lastly, RETTEW also offers comprehensive safety training and consulting to keep your staff up-to-date with regulations and your projects on track and safe.