RETTEW’s Geosciences group provides a broad range of technical expertise to meet the needs of our clients and consistently exceed their expectations. The group is organized according to discipline including environmental consultants, hydrogeologists, geologists, geotechnical engineers and soil scientists. Our staff of skilled professionals has managed numerous multi-dimensional programs to assess environmental conditions, evaluate potential or historic impacts and current risks, and determine and implement the best solutions for managing risks while complying with regulations.

Our hydrogeologists and water resources specialists offer a turnkey package of services to identify, develop, permit and manage water resources. Our geotechnical staff uses extensive technical competence and an appreciation for cost and risk issues to provide engineering solutions for shallow foundations, stormwater management facilities, and site development. Our environmental due diligence and remediation professionals employ innovative approaches to define and mitigate environmental impacts. From tests and investigations to complete permitting packages and turnkey remediation services, RETTEW’s Geosciences group employs the latest technology to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions to environmental and engineering challenges.

Geosciences specialties include:
Site Acquisition and Development

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Tier 1 Vapor Encroachment Screening
  • Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA
  • Hazardous Materials Surveys (Asbestos, Lead, PCB, Mercury
  • Facility Decommissioning Assessment
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Brownfields Assessments

Environmental Permitting, Planning and Compliance

  • SPCC/PPC Plan
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • NPDES Permitting/Stormwater Monitoring
  • Hydrostatic Discharge Permitting/Monitoring
  • Agency Coordination

Site Characterization and Remediation

  • Rapid Response (Spill) Coordination and Management
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Closures
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessments and Mitigation
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Well Abandonment
  • Preparation of Environmental Investigation Work Plans
  • Preparation of Remedial Action Plans
  • Groundwater/Hydrogeologic Modeling
  • Management of Fill
  • Remediation of Soil and Groundwater
  • Remediation of Brownfields
  • CERCLA and RCRA Remedial Plan Preparation and Implementation
  • RCRA Corrective Action
  • Expert Witness/Litigation Support

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Karst Hazard Assessments
  • Sinkhole Investigation and Repair
  • Stormwater Infiltration Feasibility and Testing
  • Shallow Foundation Investigations
  • Deep Foundation Design
  • Exploratory Drilling
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Landslide Mitigation
  • Seepage Analysis
  • Retaining Wall Analysis and Design
  • Ground Improvement Measures
  • Pavement Analysis, Design and Road Condition Surveys
  • Materials Testing Services
  • Construction Observation and Management
  • Urban Soil Restoration Support
  • Expert Witness/Litigation Support
Land Application of Wastewater

  • Professional Soil Scientist Services
  • Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) services
  • On-lot Sewage Facilities Planning and Design
  • Soil Classification and Mapping
  • Soil Investigations for Drip/Spray Irrigation and Rapid Infiltration
  • Soil Permeability and Percolation Testing
  • Preliminary and Detailed Hydrogeologic Studies

Water Resources

  • State Registration and Permitting for Surface and Groundwater Supplies
  • Water Management Plans
  • Strategic Source Water Identification and Planning
  • Alternative Water Source Evaluations (such as Abandoned Mine Drainage)
  • Groundwater Supply, Exploration, Testing and Permitting
  • Pass-by Flow and Low Flow Analysis
  • Pond and Lake Hydrogeologic Evaluations
  • Pre-drill Baseline Water Quality Sampling
  • Stream Profiling and Gauging
  • Stray Gas Investigations and Mitigation

Waste Management and Minimization

  • Solid Waste and Landfill Siting, Permitting and Management
  • Residual and Hazardous Waste Permitting
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Sampling Characterization and Reporting

Specialty Services

  • Turfgrass and Agronomic Consulting
  • Urban Soil Restoration Support

Safety Training

RETTEW offers more than 70 safety trainings on an ongoing basis – click here to glance at our calendar!