Commitment to Safety

At RETTEW, our employees are our most valuable resource. Their health and safety is of paramount importance and it is our policy to provide an inherently safe workplace. Whether on a job site or in the office, our employees understand that safety measures and policies are both required by our clients to perform work and critical to maintaining everyone’s well-being. We believe that completing a job safely is just as imperative as completing a quality project on time.

Safety is an integral part of RETTEW’s culture, and as one of our core values, it requires a commitment from all personnel. We have created an environment that promotes employee involvement and rewards hazard identification, asking each of our employees to be constantly aware of their surroundings, perform all work in a safe manner and be actively involved in the safety of others. RETTEW’s comprehensive safety program addresses specific safety concerns and provides guidance for the performance of individual job tasks to maintain a safe workplace. We provide interactive training that allows an opportunity for all employees to participate, ask questions, make suggestions and become educated on our policies and procedures. Additional safety training needs are identified through a continued reassessment of our work methods, equipment and job sites.

The establishment of an entire safety consulting division dedicated to the welfare of both our employees and our clients is further evidence of our commitment to safety. RETTEW’s safety consulting team has more than 130 years of combined experience in work location and job site hazards, and provides more than 70 workplace safety courses to promote safety both in and outside of RETTEW.

Is our corporate safety goal of zero work-related incidents is aggressive? You bet. But, I am confident that RETTEW employees will continually devote themselves to creating a habit of excellence and a safe workplace when it comes to their personal safety, the safety of their coworkers, and the safety of our clients.

Mark Lauriello, PE
President & CEO

Supporting Communities

RETTEW’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for the communities, employees, and clients we serve.