RETTEW’s Charitable Foundation awarded $5,500 to COBYS, a family services agency in Central Pennsylvania, to fund an autism support program for families of toddlers and preschoolers.

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The Denver office staff again built and hand-delivered bikes and helmets to
elementary kids for the Wish for Wheels organization. They were excited to give
the children their first bike and expose them to the joy of riding. The office raised
$500 toward their effort!

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RETTEW regularly supports local nonprofits out of its 10 offices. Here, we worked with a client to donate school supplies to the local school district. More than 350 students in grades K-5 received needed items!

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Community Investment

RETTEW’s dedication to improving quality of life goes beyond the projects we work on and the clients we serve. We also believe that we have a social responsibility to help enrich the human spirit. We take that responsibility very seriously and provide many opportunities for our employees to get involved and give back through community support.

Each of our offices has partnered with local nonprofits and charities to help benefit their communities. Some focus on providing educational resources for children. Others meet the nutritional and home supply needs of families. Still others help to raise funds for cancer research and other worthy causes. Beyond our firm’s collective efforts, we’re proud to invest in our many individual employees who regularly support community causes they are passionate about.

These partnerships unfold in many ways. RETTEW is committed to donating corporately from company revenues as well as through the RETTEW Charitable Foundation, which provides assistance to organizations in which our employees are personally involved. Employees also contribute financially to the many endeavors. RETTEW encourages employees to volunteer their time, whether through planning and coordinating fundraisers, visiting local charities to provide hands-on help, or delivering needed supplies.

These efforts take our tagline of “We answer to you” to a higher level. As an engineering firm, we answer to our clients. As a company, we answer to our employees. But at the end of the day, as a business operating in five states, we ultimately answer to our communities. These are more than corporate decisions; they are responsibilities, passions, and callings of community support.

Supporting Communities

RETTEW’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for the communities, employees, and clients we serve.