In a male-dominated field, women are finding seats at the table.

Some of RETTEW’s staff recently attended a WTS International event in Central PA with several prominent women working in the area’s transportation sector.

The 20th Annual Celebration and Awards Event featured panelists who spoke about breaking the glass ceiling in the workplace, answering questions and providing advice.

Panelists included four representatives from PennDOT: Suzanne Itzko, Deputy Secretary for Administration; District 11-0’s Cheryl Moon-Sirianni; District 2-0’s Karen Michael; and District 3-0’s Sandra Tosca. The panel discussion was moderated by Leslie Richards, Secretary of Transportation for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Some of the main takeaways from RETTEW staff include:

  • Find a good mentor, someone who will push you to succeed and tell you even the hard things.
  • “Act as if,” meaning act as if you deserve the job and belong at the table. Be confident.
  • Look for opportunities outside of your comfort zone.

Many of the industries RETTEW works in have long been dominated by men, but we’re glad to see that changing. More than ever before, women are receiving STEM-focused education and rising into leadership roles. We’ve seen women help improve our teams, our deliverables, and our company as a whole.