My name is Zachary Witt. I’m currently interning in the IT department. I’ve been with RETTEW since the beginning of March and I really like it here. I’ve already learned a lot with this position and I’m eager to learn more. I feel I’ve already contributed a lot to the IT department. I assist Zack and Missy with anything they need and work on any projects given. Coming in here, I knew next to nothing about printers and copiers, but I’ve since learned a ton as a lot of you know that we have issues with our copiers on what seems like a semi-regular basis. I was then given the task to program all of our copiers to be able to email anyone in the company without having to enter their entire email address manually. It was a relatively easy project. Once I got the settings down for one copier, it was more or less copying them to the others and testing them out. I ran into a few speed bumps along the way but nothing that couldn’t be handled. I can say now that all of the copiers in the company have this capability.

Since the completion of that, I was tasked to create documents for the types of copiers we have and give instructions to everyone on how to use this feature. Luckily, I’ve written documentation many times at my other job so that was nothing new. We’re still waiting on finalizing a few things before we fully roll this out, but I feel that this addition will be of great use to everyone in the company. No longer will anyone have to scan something to a network folder that everyone has access to. You won’t have to figure out what people’s email addresses are. All you have to do is search their name, and it’ll come up. I feel with this project, something I did can actually make a difference. It’s nice to work for a company in a position that actually matters.