For many children, learning to ride a bike is almost a rite of passage.

Yet some students will never experience that.

RETTEW’s Denver, Colorado office staff partnered with the nonprofit organization, Wish for Wheels, and a local elementary school serving low-income families to give children an experience to remember. We donated 10 bikes and went to the school to help students build them.

We worked with fourth graders to assemble enough bikes for every first grader in the school to take one home!

The bikes were kept a secret from the first graders. When they and their families came into the room and were told they could each take a bike home – well, suffice it to say, it was a great day!

As engineers, we design and support many components of tomorrow’s infrastructure. But as people, we also care deeply about the health of our communities, which is why we regularly partner with nonprofits, agencies, educational institutions, and other businesses to make a difference. Tomorrow’s future needs healthy bridges, utilities, buildings, and young people…riding bikes!