By Ryan Mastowski, Land Development, Akron-Canton, OH

Spring has sprung! And much like the flowers in your garden, ESOPs are also becoming more prevalent across the country as more and more companies recognize the benefits of becoming employee-owned. Many engineering, consulting, and construction firms already made the switch to becoming ESOPs. However, you may be surprised to know there are many more companies we interact with daily that have this in common with RETTEW. For example, did you know the largest ESOP in the country is the grocery store chain, Publix?​​

Have you ever seen a Davey Tree truck on Interstate 77 in Ohio? That truck is likely being driven by a Davey employee-owner. If you live in/travel through Pennsylvania, when was the last time you grabbed a made-to-order sandwich from Sheetz? Chances are a Sheetz employee-owner personally made your food. How about that after-hours adult beverage you enjoy? If it happens to be a New Belgium, that beer was probably brewed by an employee-owner. Companies like these, spread over a variety of industries and geographies,​ are proud to call themselves ESOPs. RETTEW employee-owners feel that same level of pride in the decision we made to become a 100% ESOP.