RETTEW has hired six staff members in its offices, ranging from Bridgeport, West Virginia to Allentown, Pennsylvania

Russalle Anthes

Russalle works in RETTEW’s Pittsburgh office as a Senior Program Manager, focusing on our energy market segment. Previously a landman and project manager, she has close to eight years of experience in securing oil and gas, right-of-way, land, and survey lease agreements. Rusalle prioritizes building and maintaining client relationships, negotiating master service agreements, and communicating with landowners. She is a member of several professional organizations, including the Women’s Energy Network, the American Association of Professional Landmen, the Gas Processing Association, and the International Right of Way Association, as well as several oil and gas associations in the Northeast. Russalle has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Hope College, and volunteers with the Pittsburgh-area nonprofit Family Resources.


Gary Kuroski

Gary is a Surveyor in our firm’s Bridgeport, West Virginia office. He helps manage the office and survey team stationed there daily. Gary’s 30 years of experience is essential to clients in the energy and commercial markets with responsibilities ranging from scheduling project tasks to managing field-collected data. He has a hand in recruiting and quality assurance. Gary is a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the West Virginia Society of Professional Surveyors.


Jason Moran

A Surveyor, Jason works from RETTEW’s Allentown, Pennsylvania office, focusing mainly in the utilities market. He is know for his project mangement skills in his nearly 25 years of experience as a surveyor. A licensed professional surveyor, Jason’s experience includes working in the energy, utilities, transportation, and commercial markets. He has an associate’s degree in applied science of land surveying from The Pennsylvania State University and is a member of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Land Surveyors Northeast and Lehigh chapters, as well as the National Society of Professional Surveyors.



Ryan Plute

Ryan is a Resident Project Representative in RETTTEW’s St. Clairsville, Ohio office. He joined our Geotechnical group, providing oversight for contractors on new construction and slope repair sites, as well as testing, erosion, and sediment control inspections. Ryan’s experience ranges from blasting work to geotechnical evaluations and time in the energy and water industries. His 13-year career spans oil and gas, commercial, and water treatment plants. Ryan has an associate’s degree in civil engineering from Belmont College and volunteers at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Bellaire, Ohio.


Jennifer Wehmeier

A Senior Administrative Assistant in the firm’s Program Management group, Wehmeier works in our Lancaster, Pennsylvania office. With 20 years of industry experience, she offers administrative support to the group’s program managers, including managing schedules, client communication, and project documentation.