Welcome to the RETTEW Focus on Funding page! Please explore the featured funding opportunities below and contact our funding team to learn more about the programs, eligibility, and application assistance. We look forward to working with you to identify and secure the funding resources you need to successfully complete your projects!

Brownfield Grants

United States Environmental Protection Agency

The Brownfields Program provides direct funding for brownfields assessment, cleanup, revolving loans, and technical assistance, among other uses. Some of the brownfield grants the United States Environmental Protection Agency is currently accepting submission for include:

• Assessment Grants – Provide funding for brownfield inventories, planning environmental assessments, and community outreach, such as Community-wide Assessment Grants and Assessment Coalition Grants.
• Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Grants – RLF Grants provide funding to capitalize loans used to clean up brownfield sites.
• Cleanup Grants – Provide funding to carry out cleanup activities at brownfield sites owned by the applicant.
• Multipurpose (MP) Grants – MP Grants provide funding to conduct a range of eligible assessment and cleanup activities at one or more brownfield sites in a target area.

Award Amount: Varies
Required Match: Varies
Applications Due: November 22, 2022

Environmental Education Grants Program

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

The Environmental Education Grants Program provides funding for education projects that foster an understanding of natural world functions and cultivate critical thinking and actions that promote environmental protection and sustainable resource management. This funding supports environmental education projects that address one or more of the following priorities: climate change, water, and environmental justice.

Award Amount:
Mini Grants: Up to $5,000
General Grants Level I: $5,001-$30,000
General Grants Level II: $30,001-$85,000

Required Match:
Mini Grants: Match (cash and/or in-kind) in any amount is required, but at least 20% is encouraged
General Grants Levels I and II: Match (cash and/or in-kind) equivalent to at least 20% of the requested grant funds is required

Applications Due: December 9, 2022, by 4:59 PM

COVID-19 ARPA: PA Small Water and Sewer Program and the H2O PA Water Supply, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Projects Program

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Through the PA Small Water and Sewer Program, funding is available for small water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure projects. Additionally, the H2O PA Water Supply, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Projects Program offers single-year or multi-year grants to assist with the construction of drinking water, sanitary sewer, and storm water projects.

Award Amount:
Small Water and Sewer: $30,000-$500,000
H2O PA: $20 million maximum

Required Match:
Small Water and Sewer: At least 15% of the total eligible project cost
H2O PA: At least 50% of the amount requested under the program

Applications Due: Both: December 21, 2022

Boating Facility Grant Program

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

This program provides grants for the planning, acquisition, development, expansion, and rehabilitation of public boating facilities on the Commonwealth’s waters to ensure Pennsylvania’s recreational boaters have the highest-quality boating facilities.

Award Amount: Up to 50% of project costs
Required Match: At least 50% of the proposed project cost
Applications Due: December 30, 2022