Three decades.

An impressive span of time for an employee to grow from just starting out in his career to a dependable staple of a major service area at RETTEW.

A big round of applause for Bruce Miller, a project manager in RETTEW’s Transportation group. He’s dedicated the last 30 years to our firm, seeing it grow from a small civil engineering and surveying business to an award-winning, top engineering firm with hundreds of services spanning the U.S. We don’t exaggerate when we say we couldn’t have done it without Bruce and employees like him that keep giving their all to clients, projects, and our communities.

Bruce’s first day at RETTEW was July 13, 1987. In that year:

  • One gallon of gas cost 89 cents
  • A U.S. postage stamp cost 24 cents
  • The top selling car was a Ford Escort
  • Aretha Franklin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – the first female artist to be so honored
  • The Simpsons first aired on television
  • Michael Jackson debuted the BAD album
  • Dirty Dancing, Moonstruck, RoboCop, and Lethal Weapon were popular movies


Heartfelt congratulations to Bruce for his time at RETTEW. Here’s to a few more years!