Less flooding = a safer community and environment.

For Highspire Borough in Dauphin County, PA, new grant funding will start the process of reducing flooding in the community.

With RETTEW’s help, the Borough received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for more than $190,000 to complete a flood mitigation feasibility study.

The study will evaluate three drainage systems to assess the potential to improve water flows, reduce stream overflows, and moderate river water backing up.

In recent years, residences, businesses, and other buildings in the southern half of the Borough have been inundated with flood waters. Even during typical seasonal rainstorms, water from the Susquehanna River backs up into a local park and surrounding residential and commercial areas.

The study will provide direction for reducing future flooding and damage restoration costs, as well as decreasing the hazard of flood impacts to critical areas.

RETTEW prepared the grant application and will assist with the flood mitigation study.