Armed with only a cell phone and a walkie-talkie, and boiling water pouring through grates on a factory floor.

There’s no room for a lapse in judgement.

Guiding workers through potentially dangerous sites.

Taking immediate action when first aid is needed.

These are just some of the many reasons George Yatsky, a safety consultant at RETTEW, was chosen as the second quarter Above and Beyond award winner by the firm’s Associates.

Nominated by two colleagues – a supervisor and a teammate – they described his ability to be constantly aware and active in his role as a safety consultant, advising and directing operations at a busy manufacturing plant, and never taking a mental break. “He holds himself to a high level of accountability in his execution,” his supervisor said, and George is known for being extremely proactive. He seeks out plant leadership and addresses concerns in the moment. He keeps his cool if a situation occurs, and is available to administer first aid, change a procedure, notify employees of hazards, and guide other RETTEW staff to do their jobs better.

One nominator joked “I wish I could clone him.”

Thank you, George, for the effort you put forth every day to protect our clients’ workers, our own employees, and everyone around you. You’re a valuable member of our team!

RETTEW accepts nominations throughout the year for employees who go above and beyond in their roles.