RETTEW is on the search for an experienced and dedicated Senior Engineer to join our Transportation Team! The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing bridge design projects across multiple disciplines, providing guidance and expertise to junior team members, as well as cultivating relationships with new and existing clients. If you’re looking to take your engineering career up a notch in a top 500 engineering firm– this could be it!

We are looking for a highly skilled bridge engineer with expertise in the dynamic design and development of composite steel-concrete, prestressed concrete bridges, retaining walls and box culverts. Bonus points if you have experience leveraging 3D modeling software to bring projects from concept through construction! Experience conducting hydrologic and hydraulic study is also desired.


At RETTEW, our mission is to empower each and every employee – arming them with the tools they need in order to provide solutions that promote success for both clients and communities. As a 100% employee-owned company, we all work together towards a common goal of creating meaningful public health projects which put environmental stewardship first. We applaud diversity among our employees; by celebrating their various backgrounds & perspectives it allows us form strong connections with one another as well as those outside of the organization.

Perks and Benefits:

  • 100% employee ownership, meaning you get an ownership stake in the company and benefit from its success.
  • A highly collaborative environment with experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology to work on challenging projects.
  • Access to diverse expertise in areas such as civil engineering, transportation, infrastructure, water resources, construction management and more.
  • Opportunities for career growth and development through continuing education programs offered by the company.
  • An innovative approach to problem solving involving creative solutions to complex issues.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit that encourages out of the box thinking to produce breakthrough results.
  • A culture of trust, respect and mutual understanding among colleagues – providing a safe space for healthy dialogue that leads to innovation.
  • Competitive salary and benefits packages tailored to meet individual needs and priorities.
  • Flexible schedules allowing employees to enjoy a balanced lifestyle while still meeting their professional goals and commitments.
  • A supportive team atmosphere where each person is valued for their contributions and input – fostering an open exchange of ideas and collaboration across teams within RETTEW offices and beyond.