Benefits of a Purchasing Cooperative

Until now, municipalities undertaking building projects were generally excluded from reaping the benefits of purchasing co-ops. But no longer!

You can not only take advantage of a PA-approved co-op, but you can also leverage a fully integrated turnkey approach to managing your project from start to finish through a design-build process. This unique combination of services offers many benefits:

· Known price points leading to reduced costs
· Best value while meeting schedule, quality, and budget goals

· Design, construction management, and construction services in one contract
· Streamlined construction process with accelerated project timeline
· A single point of contact for the entire process, saving valuable staff time.

The Sourcewell projects was a real boon to us. It moved so much more quickly by bringing all the parties together under one umbrella and then we were dealing with one point of contact. It really streamlined the process.
~Jon Dobney, Greene County, OH

Fluid and Streamlined Process With a Single Point of Contact

Combining the benefits of a powerful purchasing co-op with a turnkey construction provider, Pennsylvania municipalities can now take advantage of the fully integrated design-build appoach for designing, building, and managing your next building or renovation project, from conception to completion.

The design-build process offers a single point of contact for the project rather than juggling multiple contractors and companies. This makes the process much more fluid and streamlined from start to finish, allows for better coordination throughout the entire process, resulting in higher quality and reduced costs.

Our design-build team consisting of BlueScope Construction, Professional Design & Construction, and RETTEW, using the power of co-op purchasing through Sourcewell, will deliver the quality facility you deserve on your next building construction or renovation project.


Professional Design & Construction (PD&C) is your local contractor that will work together with you and BlueScope Construction on your design-build project. PD&C will bring their unique design-build process, with all design and construction disciplines under one roof, to deliver both a great design and a finished project on time and on budget.

RETTEW is your local site planning and design firm bringing more than 50 years of experience to your next construction project. RETTEW will work to completely understand your vision for your project and then get to work. Their innovative approach means discovering solutions that may not have been thought of before—and finding more effective, efficient ways to put them into action.

Sourcewell is a self-supporting government purchasing cooperative that for more than 40 years has helped governments and public and non-profit agencies with contracting and purchasing solutions. Sourcewell provides contract purchasing solutions to approved vendors such as BlueScope Construction.

BlueScope Construction is the only full-service design-build contractor to be awarded a Sourcewell contract, which encompasses turnkey, design-build services, site design and preparation, and installation services for both new facility construction and renovations. BlueScope brings close to 30 years of building quality facilities for the public sector without litigation, liquidated damages, or terminations.

PD&C staff consistently demonstrated their commitment to the success of our project by their attention to detail on all phases, which includes: design, schedules, quality control, communication, cost management, administration, and document close outs, “always first-class service.”

C. Timothy Reynolds, Keystone Valley Fire Department