The future of commercial development is all about creating destinations — dining, entertainment, shopping, and, of course, the places where we work and do business. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a movement like never before to integrate commercial development into surrounding communities. Green spaces, pedestrian walkways, and other down-to-the-last-detail elements give developments a cohesive look and feel.

RETTEW has planned and designed commercial and mixed-use projects in busy urban downtowns, in sprawling suburban areas, and in quaint and quiet rural towns. We’ve led initiatives for new hospitality, entertainment, retail, warehouse, and office complexes.

Our commercial development solutions are comprehensive and integrated — RETTEW aids in every aspect of commercial land-use planning, from environmental site assessment and geotechnical studies to stormwater management and transportation infrastructure. Because we look at each project from a 360-degree perspective, we’re able to anticipate potential hurdles — and address them proactively — allowing you to focus on the day-to-day management of your business. While you work on securing tenants and marketing your new property, we’ll handle permitting, zoning approvals, regulation compliance, and other tasks that take you away from what you do best. In fact, our long-standing relationships with regulatory and permitting agencies allow us to do this with ease and speed.

RETTEW provided valuable assistance guiding us through site plan approvals, with extensive parking needs and stormwater management requirements. They bent over backwards.
– Dr. Hassel, Noll Drive Surgery Center

Today’s commercial development brings together the notion of living, working, and playing better than ever before. Thanks to innovative design and forward-thinking, our spaces can be more welcoming, more diverse in purpose, and more fitting to our communities. RETTEW can help you imagine what’s possible, and then help you bring it to life on time, on budget, and with care and concern for the environment.