Serving your community.

As you’re out and about running errands or driving to work, take a look around. Much of what you see—bridges, sidewalks, parks, sports fields, schools, and, of course, the road you’re driving on—is made possible by your local government.

From infrastructure and economic development to day-to-day operations, local officials are responsible for planning, building, and maintaining a community’s needs and amenities. But our civic leaders don’t have to do this alone — RETTEW provides expert civil engineering services to townships and boroughs and cities and counties. In fact, we’ve served as the engineer-of-record for more than 180 municipalities. Whether building or improving roadways, designing stormwater facilities, or ensuring maintenance crews are ready for the surprises a harsh winter can bring, RETTEW’s civil engineers and planners are here to keep our communities strong.

Your expertise and guidance throughout the entire project was wonderfully received by the whole community and their elected officials. You stay with the community afterwards too.
– Councilman, Blossburg Borough

One of the biggest challenges facing local governments today is capital. RETTEW has helped secure more than $268 million in funding — from grants to low-interest loans. Without these financing options, necessary improvements and new developments would simply not be possible. Our consulting services help local governments do more with less, to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is especially key in times of growth; as populations increase, new challenges arise. RETTEW can help local communities anticipate these challenges and implement future-friendly plans: addressing today’s needs with a vision for tomorrow.

Your resident engineer.

Our communities can shape who we are; we often choose where we live based on the quality of life. Immense work occurs behind the scenes to make our towns and cities safe, attractive places to live. As a one-stop shop of local government civil engineers, RETTEW can tackle the big projects so leaders can focus on the everyday needs of residents.

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