The flip of a switch. The turn of a key. The push of a button. Just like that, we can heat or light up our homes, start our engines, power up a machine. But how that energy makes its way to us is anything but “just like that.”

Our natural resources, such as oil and natural gas, are extracted and then transported as raw materials to refineries by a network of pipelines and, ultimately, routed to suppliers, homes, and businesses. Midstream companies are responsible for this portion of the journey: they connect distributors with developers.

Pipeline planning and construction is a monumental feat, one that demands care for the environment and the trusted expertise of many key players including engineers, geologists, biologists, surveyors, and project managers.

Great job on the preparation and QA/QC process RETTEW implemented to receive no noted deficiencies, especially with the changes and expedited schedule at the eleventh hour.
– Brian Clauto, EQT

The oil and gas engineering consultants at RETTEW know that routing and installing pipelines can be a delicate and complex endeavor. We’re a full-service firm with years of experience in comprehensive midstream solutions. We’ve successfully permitted, designed, and/or constructed hundreds of miles of pipeline for natural gas operations.

RETTEW can handle all aspects of pipeline planning, from feasibility studies, site planning, and environmental investigations to construction oversight, safety consulting, and operations. And, because we have an intimate understanding of regulations and close relationships with permitting agencies, we can get your project off the ground — or, rather, into the ground — sooner, which also means your product gets to market faster.

Whether it’s helping you navigate challenging geographic terrain or guiding you through the ever-changing regulatory environment, the energy experts at RETTEW deliver on-time, on-budget results.