Powerful waves. Beaming rays of sun. Gusty winds. Bubbling groundwater. The awesome forces of nature can be harnessed — again and again — to provide energy. From a windmill on a small, rural farm to a massive field of solar panels at a business park, we’re seeing more and more households, companies, and energy suppliers relying on renewable resources.

The benefits of renewable energy are numerous: less reliance on the grid, cleaner production, reduced operating costs, new revenue streams, and the overall good feeling that comes from doing your part to conserve our limited natural resources. The engineering consultants at RETTEW are committed to helping our clients reduce your carbon footprint and grow your energy portfolio.

RETTEW’s engineering consulting team has extensive experience in developing alternative and renewable energy systems, from initial strategy and funding to design and implementation. We work with clients of all sizes and sectors—from small community agencies to sprawling military complexes or suburban power generators — to find sustainable, cost-effective solutions that meet your operational and financial goals, while providing for the energy needs of your end user.

For a national financing program for renewable energy, RETTEW was our first choice. They understand the technology and what is cost-effective.  – Alan Litt, President , Monticello Energy Finance, LLC

Alternative energy sources not only reduce operating costs, they also create new revenue streams: excess energy, such as solar power generated from a rooftop array, can be delivered to others, or sold as credits to meet regulatory requirements. Renewable energy also means less dependence on the grid; in times of an unexpected natural disaster or extreme weather, you won’t be left in the dark or cold.

It’s an inspiring time for innovation in the renewable energy market, and we’re glad to be part of it. We’ve helped design, build, and fund notable projects, including, at the time, the largest floating solar array in the nation. With dozens of projects, RETTEW is experienced in the application of renewable energy, ensuring that your biogas or solar project delivers sustainable energy at an affordable price. At RETTEW, we don’t take our responsibility to the environment lightly. We, as engineers, have the power to change the future.