Bryan Dietrich

Senior Bridge Engineer

My perfect workday would include: Figuring out the best-fit solution to a difficult issue on a project in the morning and field viewing potential projects in the afternoon (during pleasant weather conditions).

Core value that most resonates with you: Relationships: I feel it’s important to try and have positive interactions with everyone I encounter in all aspects of my life because you never know how much influence any moment will have on future events or opportunities.

Favorite meal or food: Curry chicken – if it’s on the menu, there’s no hesitation!

Surprising fact about your life: I teach acrobat classes at a dance studio and can still do backflips at age 40!

What is guaranteed to make you laugh: My own jokes!

Favorite possession: My Nike dri-fit beanie when it’s cold and “Pitbull” aviator sunglasses when it’s sunny – if it’s cold and sunny, then both!


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