Suhail Khan, LEED GA

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Suhail focuses on identifying and implementing strategies and innovations to improve RETTEW’s competitiveness and preserve the long-term sustainability of the organization. He helps optimize and align annual objectives and key results, corporate initiatives, planning and support services, alliances and acquisitions, and client offerings, all with company strategy at the root. Suhail’s leadership in daily operations, strategic direction, and his ability to streamline corporate resources amidst tremendous growth and change within the company have helped RETTEW become the firm it is today.


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Innovative Survey Robotic Platform is Improving the Market

Picture this: A survey technician is attempting to complete a 3D model in a culvert with confined space….

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Corporate News

RETTEW’s Jason Wert Accepts Position on Board of Directors

RETTEW is pleased to announce Jason Wert, National Market Leader, has joined the Board of Directors of RETTEW…

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