Underground investigations can help ensure a building stands strong, without structural problems.

On a recent project for South Middleton Township in Pennsylvania, RETTEW leveraged our geotechnical expertise to assist this municipal client.

Geotechnical work typically doesn’t come to mind when thinking of a municipal or civil engineering firm.

But at RETTEW, providing full-service support for our clients is what we do best!

On this project, we completed geotechnical testing for a salt storage shed foundation in the township.

Our team tested the soil, making borings 20 feet deep, or until they hit bedrock. Using our findings, we provided recommendations so the structural engineer could design the building’s foundation appropriately. Our recommendations included the size and type of foundation, as well as bearing capacity to ensure the soils beneath could support such a foundation.

Fortunately for our client, the soils were appropriate for the new structure. If that weren’t the case, geologists would have recommended a more appropriate solution, such as a deep foundation or further excavation to bring in more load-bearing soils.

We love when our diverse expertise helps our clients stay on track with their projects!