Providing workers with a safe working environment is a major priority. Addressing workplace safety concerns assists with increasing productivity and reducing lost time due to injury, both of which have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line profitability. Establishing a state-certified Safety Committee is one way of integrating safety into the workplace and reducing workers’ compensation premiums. However, the main reason to do it is your people.

Incentives for Implementing a Safety Committee

  • Helps your program become preventative by identifying and correcting hazards before they cause an injury.
  • Involves management and employees in making safety part of your company culture.
  • Educates employees about risks.
  • Reduces risk of OSHA citations or other state penalties.
  • Gives employees an avenue to bring up safety concerns.
  • Extends the effectiveness of your existing safety program by sharing safety responsibilities.

Tips for an Effective Safety Committee

  • Educate Team Members – Help the team understand their role and the importance of their involvement. Make sure members feel empowered to make improvement recommendations.
  • Have the Right People – Select people who want to be involved. An effective Safety Committee should represent all facets of your company—salaried, hourly, and stakeholders from different departments. Having a good mix of viewpoints can reveal different ideas and opinions, and help you anticipate potential resistance.
  • Conduct Audits – As a group, review your documented safety processes and procedures to determine if there’s a clearer way to communicate policies to front-line workers.
  • Walk the Walk – Ask your Committee to walk the plant floor, office, or jobsite and note safer, more efficient ways to get the job done including signage recommendations, PPE suggestions, and lighting improvements.
  • Tap Into New Talent – Once Committee members have served for a length of time, consider rotating members to gain fresh perspectives.

Having an effective Safety Committee has many benefits; however, nothing surpasses the trust that is formed and the power that is instilled in your team members.

RETTEW is available to assist with setting up your Safety Committee, or even run or provide oversight for your safety program. If your business is Pennsylvania-based, RETTEW provides the annual training required by the PA Department of Labor and Industry to maintain your state certification. Please contact Kelly Kramer, CECD, HEM, at 800.738.8395 for more information.

Additional Offerings

Safety training and consulting are only some of RETTEW’s 600+ services. Our safety team works hand in hand with engineers, scientists, project managers, and other technical experts at places such as manufacturing facilities, drill pads, and commercial construction sites. We are well respected in many industries and known for ensuring workers and equipment remain safe, which keeps your projects on track and your bottom line growing.