On May 5, the Paradise Township Sewer Authority broke ground on its recently funded wastewater treatment plant expansion project.

“With the generosity and support of the Lancaster County Commissioners, we applied for and received a grant for $1 million,” said Sewer Authority Board Chairman Bryan Stoltzfus. “We’re greatly appreciative of that funding, which will help keep our sewer rates low for years to come.”

The project groundbreaking was formally celebrated with a ceremony attended by neighbors, contractors, engineers, elected officials, and Township and Sewer Authority representatives.

Paradise Township is a continuously growing area of Lancaster County and this necessary plant upgrade will greatly benefit the community. The upgrade will nearly double the hydraulic and organic capacity of the existing plant from 120,000 gpd to 222,000 gpd. Upgraded wastewater treatment plants can reduce environmental impact and help support economic growth and development.

The $6 million treatment plant expansion has received generous grant monies from various sources to help get the project off the ground. The Authority will be looking for additional monies to complete the project.

“We got a lot of applications for ARPA funds from the County – many projects like this, quite frankly. But the difference with this project, and why we supported it, was because it’s not just a maintenance project. This project looks to the future,” said County Commissioner Ray D’Agostino.