RETTEW firmly believes we are a stronger and more responsive company – one that is better equipped to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients – when we understand and appreciate other people’s unique backgrounds, perspectives, life experiences, and goals. We have made a long-term commitment to become a proactive, DEI-focused company where everyone feels valued and is treated fairly. Our vision is to foster a culture where all differences are recognized and valued, and to create a business climate that exemplifies our collective values of supporting our employees, our clients, and our communities. We recognize this is an ongoing journey towards measurable, positive change, but it leads us to think more creatively, plan more thoughtfully, and act more responsibly – allowing us all to thrive in our work and our relationships.

Our DEI Vision

RETTEW commits to being a model for DEI where employee individuality is harnessed and integrated, advancement is unequivocally fair and just, and discrimination has been eliminated from all aspects of the business, so employees and clients can successfully work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our DEI Mission

RETTEW will explore, build awareness around, learn about, respond to, value, and promote the diversity of the human experience. RETTEW will create a culturally competent and supportive environment where our management and employees model behavior that enriches our workplace.

RETTEW’s DEI Plan focuses on engagement, so all employees feel included and valued. As part of our plan, RETTEW is:

  • Providing forums for discussion and encouraging open communication and transparency across the company
  • Initiating DEI learning and education opportunities for our teams
  • Improving employee recruitment practices to find more diverse talent
  • Integrating DEI values into company policies and procedures to create a DEI-sensitive work culture
  • Holding ourselves accountable to our DEI Plan by performing self-assessments, analyzing past and current employee demographics, collecting employee feedback on company culture, and participating in progress evaluations by company leadership.

And that’s just the beginning! We look forward to making RETTEW a model for DEI in the 21st century.