Chiques Creek Pollutant Reduction and Manheim Loop Greenway

Manheim Borough identified a 3,040-LF floodplain restoration/sediment removal/riparian buffer project along a section of the Chiques Creek in Memorial Park to comply with current MS4 Permit requirements.

The project is expected to reduce the existing sediment load to Chiques Creek by approximately 136,000 pounds per year and achieve the required 10 percent sediment reduction required by the MS4 Permit. The restoration design included removing the existing dam and a strategic portion of legacy sediment and creating a more naturalized, stable stream channel.

While the primary driver of the project was to achieve MS4 compliance, the Borough incorporated additional facilities in the park that provide environmental, educational, and recreational benefits to the community, including a naturalized meadow, ADA-accessible trail, interpretive signage, and an outdoor classroom.


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