Former Federal Mogul/NTN-BCA Ball Bearing Manufacturing Facility Decommissioning Assessment

RETTEW completed an industrial site decommissioning assessment of the 30-acre Federal Mogul/NTN-BCA former ball bearing manufacturing facility, including a 277,000-SF industrial building. When fully operational, manufacturing processes at the site included heat treating, hardening, honing and grinding, and product assembly. These operations used a number of materials, most notably quenching oils (mineral oil used in heat treating), honing oils (honing and grinding), solvents, and lubricating and hydraulic oils for equipment operation and maintenance. RETTEW completed a Phase I environmental site assessment, regulatory file review, indoor air quality survey, and hazardous materials surveys including lead based paint, asbestos, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

RETTEW used the survey findings to prepare a decommissioning assessment report and bid package for the identified decommissioning items, which included plant wash down and general decontamination, confirmatory soil sampling, contaminated HVAC duct, light ballasts and fixtures containing mercury, asbestos containing materials, lead based paint, containerized wastes, above-ground storage tanks, industrial pits, and wastewater treatment plant components. Leveraging our strategic alliances with subcontractors, RETTEW solicited several bids on behalf of the client to complete and oversee the work under an aggressive schedule and within very tight budgetary constraints. The most significant aspect of the decommissioning phase of the project involved the removal, recycling, and/or disposal of numerous rooftop cooling tower and air handler units using a 200-ton crane. RETTEW also developed a health and safety plan and overall decommissioning plan for the project.


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