Greenfield Corporate Center Expansion

The gateway to a prominent business area, Greenfield Corporate Center’s expansion was an important development project that would render the site completely built out. As the last undeveloped area within the 100-acre property, the client wanted to make sure it was attractive to future tenants. One way to ensure that was creating an access route directly through the site over floodplains and a waterway.

Through a complex coordination process and by combining numerous areas of in-house expertise, RETTEW prepared design plans for an access road and bridge to service the future industrial park build-out. One of the major challenges was the environmental aspect, which included a joint permit for this site. We had to be sensitive to the environment while meeting the needs of the developer by aligning the road for minimal environmental impact and maximizing future traffic flow. We minimized environmental impacts using archaeological and historical evaluations as a guide. We also developed a master stormwater plan for the entire 100 acres including floodplain mitigation and riparian buffer design. The success of this project hinged partly on coordination and approvals from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, East Lampeter Township, the Lancaster County Conservation District, and several other agencies. RETTEW’s established relationships with each of these entities gave the client confidence in our ability to manage all the work in house and deliver a successful infrastructure plan, ensuring future tenants would find the site desirable.


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