Hermitage Annual Report

As part of their overall strategy to optimize operations, maintenance, and finances, and to fulfill requirements of a bond indenture, the Hermitage Municipal Authority retained RETTEW to prepare an annual report of the Authority’s operating system. The report summarizes the operations, expenditures, and facility capacities, and predicts future system requirements. Yearly updates to the report ensure the Authority is aware of and planning for any impending equipment, infrastructure, or facility needs. RETTEW’s history of providing engineer of record services to the Authority, coupled with our knowledge of and experience with their complete wastewater system and other collection and conveyance systems, provided insider ease in both the preparation and annual updates of these documents.

RETTEW works with Authority personnel to review the past year’s operation and maintenance activities, identify any issues, and predict necessary future maintenance or upgrades. We review and evaluate the condition of facilities such as conveyance lines and pump stations with respect to expected future flows and capacities. We also determine the costs associated with any anticipated upgrades, equipment replacement, or capital expenditures over the next 20 years. These costs are then added to the capital improvement plan and summarized in the annual report. The annual report also reviews current sewer rates and evaluates if rates are adequate to cover future expenses.

By annually reviewing and updating the capital improvement plan, the Authority has a continued focus on current and upcoming expenses. Including operational and maintenance costs with capital improvements in the annual report gives the Authority an all-encompassing, yet concise look at its financial status.


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