Paradise Township Detention Basin Retrofit

Paradise Township implemented a detention basin retrofit project that will reduce their sediment loading rates by 30,695 pounds per year, phosphorus rates by 12 pounds per year, and nitrogen rates by 362 pounds per year. This project achieves a significant portion of the Township’s required pollutant load reductions for their 2018 to 2023 MS4 Permit.

RETTEW worked with Paradise Township to secure a $142,082 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through the Local Stormwater Best Management Practice Implementation Program to retrofit an existing dry detention basin into a dry extended detention basin. The existing basin was not functioning as designed, which resulted in several large sinkholes opening in the bottom of the basin. RETTEW educated both the Township and the property owner on the benefits of the basin retrofit and gained their support and participation in the project.

In addition, the adjacent property was concurrently being planned for development, and RETTEW recognized an opportunity to expand the scope of work to include additional stormwater capacity to meet the stormwater management requirements of both properties. This approach benefited the Township and both property owners by realizing construction cost savings for the new development project and pollutant reduction credits for the municipality.


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