Pioneer Produced Water System

Antero sought engineering support services from RETTEW to help transport produced water via pipelines to a semi-permanent treatment facility. From there, the treated produced water is transported to an existing freshwater impoundment with a permanent pump station for blending (in the pipeline) and distribution as blended water out to well pads. The existing freshwater distribution infrastructure was not designed to handle produced water nor function as a collection system. Consequently, all elements of the existing infrastructure required examination for compatibility and long-term performance to identify the operational impacts of this change, then provide pipeline and equipment recommendations, specifications, and design/redesign packages to implement the change to produced handling and treatment. Antero desired a system of modified existing and new pipelines to serve as produced water collection trunk (main) lines and spur (branch) lines and blended water distribution mains and spurs to fully implement an appropriate system. The produced water treatment system also included a covered, ten-station truck offload pad and transfer piping so produced water could be delivered to treatment via trucks in addition to pipeline delivery.

RETTEW provided engineering, design, and specification of pipelines and appurtenances, including isolation valves, air valves, pigging accommodations, pipe joining, pipeline support, pump systems (containerized motor-driven pumps and stand-alone diesel-driven pumps), filtration equipment, tankage, and the associated electrical power and instrumentation/control systems. The work included schematic and detailed design plans, pipeline installation alignment plans, profiles, details, specifications, bill of materials, and technical memoranda to address applicable regulations, codes, and design standards for produced water pipeline and handling systems in West Virginia. The project has been operational since November 2019.


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