RETTEW is pleased to announce Elizabeth Helsel, Design-Build Project Manager, has been recognized as the 2022 Top Solar Designer by Solar Power World magazine. This award is part of the magazine’s Top Solar Champions Awards, highlighting four individuals working at top solar contracting companies who have gone the extra mile in their jobs and in their solar advocacy efforts. RETTEW was also selected as a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World, the premier media outlet for the U.S. solar market covering technology, development, and installation. The list comprises hundreds of solar contractors and developers across the U.S., including RETTEW ranked at #178, a significant gain over its 2021 ranking.

“I’m both honored and delighted to be selected as the 2022 Top Solar Designer for 2022,” Elizabeth said. “I’m lucky to work in a field that has so many benefits for both our clients and the environment. Being able to positively impact this rapidly growing market is important to both me and RETTEW. This recognition will energize me to work harder and reach further.”

Elizabeth earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Wilkes University, is a licensed EIT in the state of Pennsylvania, and holds a certification from the Construction Specifications Institute. At RETTEW, she manages all aspects of project design and permitting for her clients, and specializes in floating solar system engineering. Elizabeth recently completed the 3.3MWdc Jackson Floating Solar Array (the third largest in the U.S. and first application of the technology to deepwater quarries), which became operational in late 2021. She also completed the design of the largest floating solar array in the U.S., the Canoe Brook Floating Solar Array in Short Hills, N.J. at 8.9MWdc. This is the first application to utilize complete floor anchoring in the U.S.

She is an advocate for her clients and the broader solar industry, and goes to great lengths to ensure well designed, highly functional floating solar designs to encourage positive industry perception. She is respected by her clients and subcontractors for her depth of knowledge and laser focus on outcomes and delivery. Affable and generous with her time, Elizabeth is well liked among her staff and respected for her dedication. Above all, she cares about the quality of her work and her teams.

RETTEW is a leader in the floating solar market in North America, having completed the design of the nation’s largest floating solar array, with many larger projects in the pipeline. The company is known for its ability to develop solutions for site-specific challenges, as well as its effective coordination with regulatory agencies, which alleviates environmental concerns on site.