After many delays, the long-awaited OSHA standard for cranes in construction is finally set. The new rule is effective beginning December 9, 2018, but employers with personnel who operate construction-type cranes will have until February 7, 2019, to document crane operator certifications and evaluations. Evaluations completed prior to December 9, 2018, remain valid but still require documentation.

This requirement applies to all construction activities involving the following crane types:

  • Articulating cranes, such as knuckle-boom cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Floating cranes
  • Cranes on barges
  • Locomotive cranes
  • Mobile cranes, such as wheel-mounted, rough-terrain, all-terrain, commercial truck-mounted, and boom truck cranes
  • Multipurpose machines configured to hoist and lower, using a winch or hook, and able to horizontally move a suspended load
  • Dedicated pile drivers
  • Service/mechanic trucks with a hoisting device
  • Cranes on a monorail
  • Tower cranes
  • Pedestal cranes
  • Portal cranes
  • Overhead and gantry cranes
  • Straddle cranes, sideboom cranes, derricks, and similar equipment variations.

According to OSHA’s final rule, employers are required to “train operators as needed to perform assigned crane activities,” including providing new equipment training when necessary. Crane operators must be certified or licensed by an accredited testing service, an independently audited employer program, military training, or compliance with qualifying state or local licensing requirements. Certifications can be based on crane type and lifting capacity or by crane type only. OSHA feels the final rule will maintain safety and health protections while reducing compliance burdens. The new effective date gives employers extra time to complete the certification and evaluation process, but it’s best not to wait!

RETTEW offers a variety of crane-related trainings, including Basic Crane Hazard training, Basic Rigging, and Signal Person training. Our safety experts can evaluate your equipment and provide the most relevant training for your employees. Contact Kelly Kramer, CECD, HEM, at 800.738.8395 to schedule a consultation.

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