1. Hermitage Organic Waste Digestion and Environmental Attributes Program

    The Hermitage Municipal Authority’s organic waste digestion project has many environmental and economic benefits. By processing waste sludge and food wastes through its anaerobic digestion system, the Authority not only produces a beneficial energy source in the form of biogas, but they also prevent the disposal of organic waste at landfills. By diverting wastes from…

  2. Hermitage Class A Biosolids Program

    When the Hermitage Municipal Authority wanted to obtain Class A status for its biosolids, it was not as simple as downloading and completing the necessary forms. As one of the first facilities in Pennsylvania to accept food waste in its digesters, the Authority needed to first receive conditional approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency…

  3. Hermitage Codigestion and Biogas Generation Optimization

    The Hermitage Municipal Authority wanted to optimize biogas production to help reduce their system’s energy consumption and use their renewable energy equipment to recycle the residual waste and ultimately lower energy costs. Biogas is created when biodegradable matter and bacteria ferment and can be converted into electricity. RETTEW’s anaerobic digestion experts were brought in to…

  4. Hermitage Food Depackaging Study

    The Hermitage Municipal Authority completed upgrades at their water pollution control plant that expanded wastewater treatment capacity and introduced a two-phase advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) complex to its current plant operations. This complex optimizes the solids handling train by further promoting biosolids stabilization, biogas recovery, and generating both heat and power. Gas production and power…


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Awards, Employee Update

Felicia Bechtel Selected as Central Penn Business Journal 2024 Women of Influence Honoree

We are thrilled to announce Felicia Bechtel, MSc, PG, Senior Geophysical Advisor at RETTEW, has been named as…

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Driving Safety Tips

For some of us, the most dangerous thing we do every day is drive to and from work….

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