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Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient and Cost-Saving Transportation (PROTECT) Program

U.S. Department of Transportation

The new PROTECT program provides discretionary grants for projects that support the continued operation or rapid recovery of crucial local, regional, or national surface transportation facilities.

The program has four categories of funding. One category is for Planning Grants. The other three categories, known collectively as Resilience Grants, are Resilience Improvement Grants, Community Resilience and Evacuation Route Grants, and At-Risk Coastal Infrastructure Grants.

Grants from the PROTECT program are open to states, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and multi-state or multijurisdictional groups of entities, among other eligible entities.

In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will consider providing support for regionally supported grant proposals. PennDOT support may include providing data and subject matter expertise as available. The deadline for requesting PennDOT support is August 4, 2023.

Award Amount: Planning Grants: $100,000 minimum – no maximum; Resilience Grants: $500,000 minimum – no maximum
Required Match: Planning Grants: No required match; Resilience Grants: 20% minimum 
Applications Due: August 18, 2023, by 11:59 PM
(Applicants must complete the registration before submitting the final application. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete.)

Lancaster County Community Requests for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding – Round 2

Office of the Lancaster County Commissioners

Unallocated funds remain from the $106 million ARPA funding Lancaster County received. As such, the County is allocating approximately $6 million for Round 2 of Community ARPA proposals. Although the guidelines for community proposals have been updated, they are quite similar to the first round. Eligible applicants include municipalities, municipal/county authorities, nonprofit organizations, and public safety organizations/departments, such as law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and emergency medical agencies. Applications can be emailed, mailed, or dropped off at the Lancaster County Government Administration Center.

Award Amount: Varies, determined on a case-by-case basis
Required Match: ARPA cannot be the sole source of funds for the project (unless a municipality has provided an allocation of its own ARPA funds). It is difficult and would not be prudent to establish a minimum percentage criterion; however, the more funding provided beyond the County ARPA requested dollars, the better. This includes municipalities that have received ARPA funds. Application shall include a complete breakdown of project cost and committed sources of funds to cover the identified cost.
Applications Due: August 31, 2023

Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program

U.S. Department of Transportation 

Administered by the Build America Bureau, the new Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program provides early-stage development assistance for rural and tribal infrastructure projects. Various tips and helpful resources, including the Notice of Funding Opportunity, a recorded webinar (passcode *1PgRsQJ), webinar slides, and a sample application, can be found on the Rural and Tribal Grants webpage. The online form for submissions opens August 14, 2023, at 2:00 PM ET. 

Not sure if your project is rural?

Your project is eligible if it is not in a Census Bureau 2020 designated urban area or it is in a Census Bureau 2020 designated urban area with a population of 150,000 or less. To help determine eligibility, please view this step-by-step tutorial to use the eligibility tool.

To prepare for proposal submission, applicants should begin the process of registering with the System Award for Management (SAM) to obtain a valid Unique Entity Identifier. Please note:’s registration process can take multiple weeks to complete. 

Award Amount: Varies, expected to range from $150,000-$360,000
Required Match: None
Applications Due: September 28, 2023