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For 50 years, RETTEW has been solving problems, innovating solutions, and bringing client dreams to life. Over these last five decades we’ve grown from a small, local firm into a vibrant organization with hundreds of employees and national reach. We’ve continually expanded our expertise and tackled demanding projects of all sizes in a broad range of markets. We’ve watched our communities grow, and we’ve watched our own families grow. We’ve seen our industry evolve, and we evolved with it. In fact, a lot has changed since 1969, but we’re still guided by our traditional values and a strong commitment to relationships, quality, safety, and client delight.

RETTEW: A Legacy of 50 Years

  • Aspire! Intern Blog: Taylor Schechter, Safety Consulting

    July 08, 2019

    As someone who had a major fear of public speaking since elementary school, conducting training classes is not something I thought I would ever voluntarily do – let alone enjoy. In college, I forced myself to take leadership roles that required me to public speak because I had to get better. Now, in this internship…

  • Aspire! Intern Blog: Ricky Daddario, Transportation Engineer

    June 17, 2019

    As an Assistant Engineer with RETTEW, I have had the opportunity to see the designs worked on in the office come to life in the construction process. I drive past one of these projects every day and have worked on it extensively – the Bavington Bridge replacement project. This project involved relocating a bridge 25…

  • Aspire! Intern Blog: Zachary Witt, IT

    June 12, 2019

    My name is Zachary Witt. I’m currently interning in the IT department. I’ve been with RETTEW since the beginning of March and I really like it here. I’ve already learned a lot with this position and I’m eager to learn more. I feel I’ve already contributed a lot to the IT department. I assist Zack…