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RETTEW is working diligently to sustain our core operations to serve your needs during these unprecedented times. RETTEW leaders, along with our Business Continuity Task Force, are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19 and meeting daily to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our employees, our clients, and the greater community. With that in mind, RETTEW is asking all employees to work from home to promote social distancing and minimize exposure. We have a robust network system and communication platforms that will support our employees working remotely and we don’t foresee this action disrupting our workflow or product delivery. If you have any concerns about a project or specific item, as always, please reach out to your RETTEW contact.

  • RETTEW Geophysics Expert Plays Key Role in Developing Landmine Solution

    November 24, 2020

    Through a nearly $1 million grant from NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme, RETTEW geophysicist and Franklin & Marshall College professor Tim Bechtel, as part of an international team, previously designed a prototype of an autonomous robot used to probe minefields in Ukraine. Now, NATO is funding a new project to significantly improve the…

  • Traveling to the Job Site – Without the Travel!

    September 11, 2020

    By Ryan Mastowski Project Manager, Land Development Akron-Canton Office RETTEW is constantly using new technology to help solve real-world problems and provide clients with options they never had access to before. With the panoramic photographic (pano) process, RETTEW keeps clients and staff up to date with what’s happening on a jobsite anywhere in the world…

  • Overcoming Struggles with Biosolids Processing

    September 08, 2020

    RETTEW continues to bring value to municipal clients as their Engineer of Record! UMJA recently completed a significant wastewater treatment plant upgrade by a third party. This upgrade converted the plant to meet stricter effluent ammonia and phosphorus discharge limits. As part of the upgrade, a new headworks screening system was installed, resulting in a…