Steel in Pennsylvania. Automobiles in Michigan. Factories and plants have historically been cornerstones of communities, their products not just a source of economic prosperity, but also providing a sense of pride.

After a period of decline in domestic manufacturing as many companies looked overseas for cheaper production, we’re now seeing the pendulum swing back. The United States is experiencing an industrial renaissance. Continuous technological improvements, automated systems, lower energy costs, and a competitive domestic labor market have led to significant cost savings within our borders. That, coupled with rising costs of doing business overseas, has allowed for a rebirth of manufacturing.

To remain competitive in a growing foreign and domestic manufacturing landscape, every efficiency matters. A multidiscipline engineering firm with nearly five decades of history, RETTEW can provide your company with the expertise necessary to reach your production goals. From site analysis and land planning to safety training and regulatory compliance, our experts in the industrial market will help you find solutions for maximized efficiency. We’re proactive in our industrial knowledge: our forward-thinking experts keep apprised of emerging regulations and technologies and incorporate them into our strategies.

Thank you for your help during our recent shutdown. We had good feedback on-site from our contractors and facilities team. The coverage was excellent! – Senior EH&S Specialist, Pharmaceutical Client

When the public has questions about how a new plant or facility will affect their community, our broad understanding of municipal approvals and site development, as well as expertise in leading public discussions, will help keep your project moving forward while addressing your neighbors’ concerns.

Do more with less.

RETTEW can help your operation remain as efficient as possible. We can analyze your facility’s existing or proposed energy usage and provide options for energy efficient systems and procedures. Through process engineering, we can help you implement lean manufacturing. Further, RETTEW’s professionals have a proven history of securing public and private funding sources for capital improvement projects.

Meeting safety and industry standards.

At RETTEW, we take job site and worker safety seriously. Our safety consultants assist with updating standard operating procedures, conducting OSHA trainings, completing ISO compliance audits, and designing custom safety solutions. Whether creating sound designs or performing maintenance and inspections, our structural engineers are known for quality. RETTEW also completes important industrial hygiene evaluations and formulates environmental and occupational safety remediation plans, keeping your company compliant and your people safe. Our team focus includes addressing environmental regulatory requirements applied to new processes, new equipment, material usage, and facility development through environmental compliance audits.

The Industrial Revolution changed America. Today, there’s a resurgence in industry — and in innovation and ingenuity. There’s nothing like seeing an idea or a product come to life and go to market, and we at RETTEW are here to provide guidance during this time of retooling, creative innovation, and growth.

Every industrial site focuses on safety. Learn about one of the most important safety processes for which we provide trainings: